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ShopCare has collated the following links and resources to connect you to accurate, relevant information relating to COVID-19, and how it may affect your business.

Should New Zealand's COVID-19 status change, we aim to keep you as informed as possible to minimise the impact on your people and your business, to help you all stay safe and healthy. 

COVID-19 Information Links: 

What to do if you are a place of interest or have a Covid positive case in your workplace

Income and Wage Support:

Personal Support: 

Updated 13th February 2023

Principles for Living with Covid for NZ organisations. 


Providing a series of high level principles through a mix of resources, guidance and stand-alone posters for businesses to use as we live with Covid in our workplaces in 2022 and beyond including:

  • Bowtie Risk Assessment 

  • Vaccination as a Control 

  • Hierarchy of Controls


The Principles and their supporting advice documents have been designed by business for business, led by the GM Safety Forum (supported by HASANZ) which involves more than 80 senior leaders from large NZ organisations, and with input from the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, Ministry of Health and other government agencies.

These are collaborated with and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, and designed to help businesses plan for how they will manage in the Government’s new Covid Protection Framework (traffic light system).


The ‘Health and Safety Association NZ’ (HASANZ) has published these Principles so businesses can use them to guide their operational practices, enabling them to protect their people without severely interrupting business continuity.


The Principles are available here. 

The Business Leaders Forum also pose some questions for leaders here.    

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