Critical risks (any risks that could cause significant harm or loss of life) should be a top priority for any business in considering controls* to safeguard workers. Lots of great solutions are developed at a business level in silos, but very rarely get shared wider than the business itself.


ShopCare has a focus on a number of critical risks that have been identified by industry. To engage industry further, we have been hosting sharing sessions across 2021 that includes the following critical risks:


  1. Site Traffic Management

  2. Hazardous Substances

  3. On-road driving safety

  4. Working at Heights

  5. Mobile plant and equipment

  6. Machine safety and guarding

  7. Transport - Trucks

*(A control is an action  taken to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks so far as is reasonably practicable).

More information on these critical risks can be found here: critical-risks-and-controls 

Sharing sessions are open to all and free to attend, these sessions provide a platform to share information, insights, and stories, about your health, safety, and wellbeing challenges, solutions, and journey.

Participants have an opportunity to share and learn from each other so please expect to be asked to participate in the discussion.

Minimal preparation is required for the sessions, and we encourage open dialogue that will contribute to the discussion. 

The sessions are hosted via zoom call and the sequence format of sharing follows: 

  • What critical risk (or element of critical risk) was your business seeking to mitigate or manage? 

    • For example, forklift tines entering a walkway.

  • What was the proposed solution/control and how did this impact the business?

    • This could be new or additional training, altering existing controls, communications, processes, etc and how your business went about it? This doesn’t need to be a significant change, just a positive impact on worker safety. 

    • In the forklift example above, one business simply lowered their segregation barriers to ground level to prevent forklifts coming in contact with pedestrians on the walkway.  

If you have any questions or if you would like to be a speaker please contact Wes via email or 027 545 4837.


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