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ShopCare seeks to facilitate the retail and supply chain sectors to identify common risks and controls for working in and around vehicles and apply these controls to create a minimum safety standard for transport (including buyers, receivers, specifiers and suppliers of transport). These controls will contribute to a sector aligned charter with the intention of reducing high levels of harm over time and creating long-lasting cultural change.

ShopCare is currently focused on initial awareness building and engagement with businesses and relevant stakeholders. The development of a Charter will be reliant upon industry collaboration and we are seeking to establish a trial group. This is your opportunity to participate in an industry-leading initiative which will benefit a wide range of stakeholders. 

We are currently sourcing information on the following:

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (3.5 tonne plus) Fleet Specifications

  • Site Traffic Management Plans

  • Critical Risks and Controls

  • Non-Critical Risks and Controls


We aim to facilitate information sharing and create a first view of common themes in 2021. This will be shared initially with our trial group, before broader dissemination to the industry.


Get in touch today to discuss your potential involvement.