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To help improve workplace safety, ShopCare facilitated the retail and supply chain sectors to identify common risks and controls for working in and around vehicles.  


As an initial scope of work, we sourced information on the following:


  • Site Marking Guidelines/Rules/Processes 

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (3.5 tonne plus) Fleet Specifications

  • Site Traffic Management Plans

  • Critical Risks and Controls

  • Non-Critical Risks and Controls


Site Markings Initiative


A WorkSafe New Zealand initiative delivered by ShopCare:


ShopCare conducted an initiative on behalf of WorkSafe NZ which aimed to provide recommendations on standardisations of site markings. This work included a review of relevant regulations/standards in addition to recommendations developed with input from industry. 

The purpose of this project was to provide WorkSafe with detailed recommendations for standardised site markings which WorkSafe can use to inform a good practice guide

We were particularly interested in hearing from businesses and individuals who either operate, run or work at fixed sites where mobile plant is operating that are able to share (anonymously if preferred) current/planned site marking practices. We were also interested in engaging with business who supply site marking services. 


Consultation is completed and the recomendations have been provided to WorkSafe. We acknowledge the support from a number of organisations that enabled us to complete the project, and provide WorkSafe with valuable insights.

A recording of the webinar is available on our YouTube channel.

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