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ShopCare has established an industry collective working group to provide industry perspective and input, as well as to support the progress of initiatives within each of our workstreams. Members are engaged and passionate, and are sharing knowledge, expertise and creating momentum for change.

To inform each workstream, a piece of work was undertaken involving the identification and review of critical risks* and controls within businesses across the supply chain, transport, manufacturing, and retail sectors.  

(*A critical risk is defined as any risk that has the potential to cause serious harm or death).

Individual businesses have contributed their specific critical risks, good safety practices and controls (solutions) that have been implemented to effect change. ShopCare commissioned an industry review collating the information, conducting detailed analysis, and presenting the research results back to the industry via a a White Paper.  An industry view of critical risks and controls benefits all organisations, who wish to improve workplace safety, and save businesses from ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Everyone's contribution is important. 

One of the first activities to be undertaken was to ensure a common language, as businesses define and title Health, Safety & Wellbeing activities differently. Through this work we can ensure shared meaning and align industry activities.


To learn more about participating in a sharing session or view a recording of an earlier one go to our sharing sessions page

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