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ShopCare's role in the industry is to facilitate and lead workplace improvements to help make all supply chain, transport, manufacturing, and retail workers and workplaces safe. 

1 in 10 New Zealanders work in these industries - working in factories and warehouses, driving forklifts, transporting goods around the country, servicing refrigeration equipment, stacking and replenishing shelves, serving at the deli counter, setting up POS merchandise, providing assistance and processing your sale, or delivering it to your door.​ 


These people are the lifeblood of New Zealand. We want to ensure each and every one of them gets home safely to their family at the end of their shift. 

We are currently focussing initiatives in five key workstreams which will have significant impacts on workplace safety: 

  1. In Store Safety

  2. Manual Handling

  3. Mobile Plant & Equipment

  4. Transport

  5. Violent and Aggressive Behaviour

If you have an idea or would like to discuss how any of these initiatives could be implemented to enhance your organisations workplace safety, email us now.

To inform each workstream, an ongoing piece of work involves the identification and review of critical risks* and controls within businesses across the supply chain, transport, manufacturing, and retail sectors.  

(*A critical risk is defined as any risk that has the potential to cause serious harm or death).

Individual businesses are contributing their specific critical risks and the good safety practices and controls (solutions) that have been implemented to effect change. ShopCare is collating the information, conducting detailed analysis, and presenting the research results back to the industry in stages. An industry view of critical risks and controls will benefit all organisations and save businesses from ‘reinventing the wheel’. Your contribution is important. 

We are continually working to compile a range of resources to support our workstreams, providing you with valuable materials and the latest information. These resources can be used to progress your personal health, safety and wellbeing journey and your organisations safety maturity. 

To be kept up to date with ShopCare's current activities, new resources free webinars and more, register your details now:

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