ShopCare represents the supply chain, transport, manufacturing and retail business sectors and industry. We are focussed on health and safety and were established in July 2019 with the support of industry members and ACC.


We partner with suppliers, transporters, manufacturers and retailers to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees involved in the creation, supply, delivery, and sale of retail items, goods, and services.


We aim to drive safety leadership to increase awareness, positively change behaviours, and save lives.

Our focus is to help businesses understand key risks, identify best practice safety procedures, and support the implementation of key initiatives. 

Good safety is good for business.




Liz May

Gerry Lynch

Mike O'Brien

Katherine Rich


The Steering Group was established in 2014. This group identified the need for a dedicated resource to progress initiatives and bring them to life within the industry - ShopCare. The Steering Group provides leadership in the development, implementation and sustainability of health, safety and wellbeing strategies and programs.  


Current members of the Steering Group are:​

Cathy Faulkner

Independent Health and Safety Director

Kim Calvert

Country Manager,

Cottonsoft Limited

Michelle Cooper

Head of Safety and Wellbeing, Foodstuffs North Island

Jon Adams

Executive General Manager,

Toll New Zealand

Scott Kyle

General Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing,

Fonterra NZ

Gerry Lynch

Chair and Managing Director,

The Real Leadership Company

Terry Johnson

General Manager,

Health, Safety & Wellbeing,

The Warehouse Group

Liz May

CEO, ShopCare

Angie Samuel

Director, Storelink

Mike O'Brien

HASANZ Independent Chair & philanthropic safety leader

Ben Sheidow

Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing,

Woolworths NZ Ltd

Tony Ziolo

Health and Safety Manager, Foodstuffs South Island

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